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Facet was sired by Vanitas, who created a sensation in the dressage arena and earned the prefix Olympic. This dressage star, who unfortunately died in June 1993, gave many impressive performances with Annemarie Sanders. Vanitas produced sport horses such as Cartoon and Belmondo, and two licensed sons: Facet and Caritas. Facets presence, power and spectacular gaits from Vanitas are strengthened by Tolbert (a well-known sire of both jumping and dressage sporthorses, distinguished by the success of his progeny) and Courville xx (an influential thoroughbred sire) from his dam, the "keur preferent" Adriana, and from his grandsire, the "keur" Pretendent. Although Adriana did not perform in sport, she is described as an excellent broodmare with a first class lineage, and Pretendent left an unforgettable impression as a top source for all-round competition in the Dutch breed and was in his day also in the Top Ten in the Dressage Breeding Index.

STER=First Premium Mares at Studbook Inspections
KEUR=Star mares 4 years old and older, with either sport records, or successful IBOP tests, and showing satisfactory foals
CROWN=Performance predicate awarded to stallions, mares and geldings that compete at the international level, and are individually listed in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (200 top-ranked dressage horses)
PREFERENT=Predicate given to any mare that has produced 3 or more Star (mare) or Star quality (gelding or stallion) offspring
Thanks to Facets excellent breeding, Facet possesses true uphill conformation, with very good natural carriage of his head and neck, strong limbs and excellent paces, which allow him to perform movements with ease and grace. His rideability, temperament and personality made Facet one of Grand Prix rider Ellen Bontjes most adored stallions. He can be regarded as an outstanding improver of action, and ranks among the Top Five Stallions on the KWPN Dressage Breeding Index.
Facet passes on his traits of athletic ability, consistency of mind and rideability for every sporthorse discipline, and improves movement particularly with regard to elasticity and presence. He crosses well with all types, but does particularly well with larger-framed mares. His offspring are highly sought after in Europe, and are known for their temperaments and exceptional trainability.

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